About Rorschach Beast

Geordie and Izzy

Rorschach Beast is a new theatre company spearheaded by Izzy McDonald and Geordie Crawley.

The company’s goal is to create reliably accessible and engaging theatre. By honouring the collaborative process and the audience we are asking the question: what separates us from the beasts.

Who are we?

Rorschach Beast believes that theatre should be made to honour both the artist’s skill, and the audience’s need to feel theatrically fulfilled. Whether the story is is a tragic one or an uplifting one, audience should leave contented with their experience. We believe that theatre should be both aesthetically inspiring and narrative driven. The works we produce will explore stories that reflect human experience, with layers of stylisation and sincerity.

The company will focus on using a devising process that eventually leads to a fully scripted, fully credited play. We believe that the word play should not only refer to the finished product produced on stage, but also to the process. This element of ‘play’ will be an important part of our identity.

Rorschach Beast is a theatre company that is born of Perth’s contemporary theatre industry, and while productions may tour extensively, Perth will always be an integral part of our company. The resources that Perth provides for young theatre makers and artists, such as ourselves, are responsible for our confidence and enthusiasm in pursing great theatre.