Bus Boy
Bus Boy Banner A Raw Coming of Age Story

Bus Boy believes he’s a bus whenever he climbs on his bike. Isolated on Rottnest Island, he knows all the routes on the mainland. He can get you to where you need to be, he just can't look you in the eye. He longs to be back on the mainland, amongst the buses, routes and timetables.

Jerry is a young woman stuck in transition. When she meets Bus Boy, a fascination with each other evolves into a friendship.

They set out on a mission to achieve dreams, steal buses, get out of trouble, and push away heartache from the past. In sharing their secrets, they uncover voices from the past they just can't shake, and must connect with each to keep driving forward.

Written by Izzy McDonald and directed by Geordie Crawley, Bus Boy is an exploration of how we’re all looking for connection.


Written by Izzy McDonald
Directed by Geordie Crawley
Performed by Sean Guastavino and Izzy McDonald
Sound and Lighting design by Robert Woods
Stage Management by Georgia Smith


WINNER Martin Sims Award (Fringe World 2017)

WINNER Theatre Award (Fringe World 2017)

WINNER WA Emerging Artist - Sean Guastavino (Fringe World 2017)


This is the sleeper of Fringe so far, a touching and truthful portrait of two damaged people that is often shot through with real beauty"

It's also very recognisable, set on Rottnest and with much of the feel of the best Tim Winton (and much better than some of his work we've seen on stage)

... a marvellous, emotionally satisfying, little show.

David Zampatti From the Turnstiles

Bus Boy, in short, is a play about identity. This of course is not only one of the fundamental struggles of human existence itself, but of growing up: trying to fathom one’s place in a world swimming with confusion and uncertainty.

Writer and Rorschach Beast co-founder Izzy McDonald, who also plays Gerry, manages to find something very personal amid this familiarity that ensures the impact is significant.

In Sean Guastavino, she[McDonald] found a “bus boy” who skilfully trod the line of cliché to create an affected character whose pain and torment lay largely within the suggested and unsaid.

Kent Acott The West Australian

Bus Boy, whilst short (approximate 50 minute run time) has been packed dense by writer Izzy McDonald with thought-provoking questions, interspersed with bouts of quick-witted and glorious humour.

Geordie Crawley’s direction is splendid, making the most of the limited props on stage: the bicycle becomes a means of possibility, adventure and at times escape, blurring the lines of fantasy and reality. Bus Boy is an poignant and utterly unmissable show

Isolated Nation

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